Why Grad School?

So you want to go to graduate school. Before you decide whether you’re the world’s perfect graduate student or a hopeless case that will never fulfill your dream of obtaining a higher education degree, it pays to consider whether your goal will be worthwhile and attainable. The truth is graduate school is not for everyone ā€” but that does not mean it is not a good fit for anyone. I say this because its easy to get boughed down by negativity or inflated by overly idealistic attitudes about graduate school. Both may make for a rocky and unpleasant journey down the road.

To some people (ok, well, a lot of people) the prospect of spending 6+ years obtaining a doctorate degree in the humanities only to face a dismal job market is terrifying if not laughable. The same can be said for professions in the arts; it’s no quick means of profiting financially and the end outcome is far from certain. Graduate school may be a frustrating choice if you’re only in it for the end goal of becoming a tenured professor. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to my years in school. I’m looking forward to the books I will read, the papers I will write, and the classes I will teach. It’s going to be my job and my life for the few years ā€” not just a means to an end.

coffee_stainWhether this is your first inquiry into the possibility of graduate school, or you’ve arrived here after extensive research, this blog is about exploring the option – not telling you what you should or should not do. That is for you to decide, but I hope that my experiences can help you along the way. If you have any questions or ideas for posts that are not covered on this blog, feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestion!

– J.K.

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