So you have decided to apply for graduate school – you’re about to realize that these applications are not like your undergraduate ones. Not only are there more materials, but the application process will far be less streamlined. Some will ask for a 20-25 page writing sample, others will ask for two 10-12 page samples. One will require one 300-500 word personal statement, others will ask for two 1000 word statements. A few will ask you to mail in your transcripts, most will ask you to upload them electronically, some will not ask for official transcripts until you are accepted. There will be one school that does everything differently from the others (if you are applying to any international schools, it will probably be one of those as well). Here is a compilation of advice on applications.

I’ll periodically come back and add more on this page as I find other helpful sites and blogs!

For a check-list of application materials and basic instructions start here and here to see an application timeline.

If you are looking to network with other graduate students check out The Grad Cafe

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I also made a copy of the spreadsheet I used to keep track of my applications. I took out the personal information, so it should be fairly easy to recreate in Excel or your preferred program. I highly recommend using something like this to help coordinate your applications!

Graduate Applications Spreadsheet



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