How Many People Got A Bachelor Degree In Computer Science In 2016?

How many people have a bachelor’s degree in computer science?

The roughly 65,000 CS graduates from the United States are outnumbered, but are much more skilled, on average, than the graduates from China (around 185,000), India (around 215,000) and Russia (around 17,000).

How many students graduate with a computer science degree?

Computer science degrees grow overall The overall number of students graduating with a computer science degree increased 15%, from 63,744 in 2017 to 73,386 in 2018.

How many computer science degrees are awarded?

A Recent Jump in Computer Science Degrees In 2018-2019, computer science was the 19th most popular major nationwide with 47,463 degrees awarded. This is a difference of 3,592 over the prior year, a growth of 7.6%. Approximately 778 colleges in the U.S. offer a computer science degree of some kind.

How many people graduate with a bachelor’s degree each year?

4 million or 18% of all college students graduate each year. 2 million or 49% of all college graduates earn bachelor’s degrees. College graduation rates at public institutions have increased 15% since 2010.

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What is computer science salary?

One of Highest-Paid Majors Payscale’s 2019 College Salary Report listed that computer science graduates earned an average early career salary of $68,600 and a mid-career salary of $114,700.

Are there too many computer science majors 2020?

So yes there are too many graduates, there isn’t enough computer scientists. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics software developers have a projected 17%* increase in employment for the next 10 years.

What are the best degrees to get in 2020?

Most In Demand Degrees

  • Health Science.
  • Information Technology.
  • Engineering.
  • Business Administration.
  • Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Education.
  • Psychology. From therapy to counseling to working in schools and hospitals, those who get a degree in Psychology open the door to many possibilities.

Is computer science hard?

Is computer science hard? Yes, computer science can be hard to learn. The field requires a deep understanding of difficult topics like computer technology, software, and statistical algorithms. However, with enough time and motivation, anyone can succeed in a challenging field like computer science.

What percent of computer science majors drop out?

According to, computer science has some of the highest dropout rates: in 2017, the dropout rate for computer science majors was 9.8%. Dropout rates vary by school, so you should check the statistics for computer science majors in your specific college.

How many people major in computer science every year?

All told, the US produces about 65,000 students with computer science degrees each year, a number that’s gone up dramatically over the past few decades.

How many computer science jobs are there 2020?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computer-science-related jobs available and only 400,000 computer science graduates with the skills to apply for those jobs. Further, Information Technology (IT) workers have been estimated to earn 74 percent more than the average worker.

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What is the least popular major?

Social sciences and history The least popular majors in 2018-19 were: Legal professions and studies: 0.2% share of students. Communications technologies: 0.2% Transportation and materials moving: 0.3%

What is the most useful degree?

Here is a list of the most useful college majors based on post-graduate employment and median annual wage as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Biomedical engineering.
  • Computer science.
  • Marine engineering.
  • Pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Computer engineering.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Finance.
  • Software engineering.

Which race has the most college graduates?

Asian Americans had the highest educational attainment of any race, followed by whites who had a higher percentage of high school graduates but a lower percentage of college graduates. Persons identifying as Hispanic or Latino, without regard to race, had the lowest educational attainment.

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