Quick Answer: What Is The Asap Program Bachelor Degree?

What is the ASAP program?

The Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) is CUNY’s nationally acclaimed program to help motivated community college students earn their degrees as quickly and successfully as possible. Six CUNY community colleges have ASAP programs on their campuses.

Who is eligible for ASAP?

Be a New York City resident or eligible for in-state tuition. Agree to enter into a full-time associate degree program in an ASAP-approved major. Be proficient in Math and/or English (reading and writing) Have no more than 15 college credits and a minimum GPA of 2.0.

What is an ASAP student?

ASAP is designed to help participating students earn their associate degrees as quickly as possible, with the goal of graduating at least 50 percent of students within three years.

Do I have to pay back ASAP?

This is not a loan and will not require repayment. Students will be eligible for tuition and fees gap scholarship for every semester they are enrolled in ASAP as long as they continue to meet program requirements and eligibility for financial aid.

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How do I become ASAP?

Steps to Join

  1. Be a current CUNY student or Apply to a CUNY college that offers ASAP or ACE.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application each year.*
  3. Accept your offer of admission and complete all college admissions requirements.

How much does ASAP cost?

The standard fee to enter VASAP is $300, plus $100 for the 10-week course. A judge may waive or reduce these fees for those who are unable to pay them. You may also ask for a payment plan.

What is the difference between seek and CD?

SEEK stands for Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge. It is the higher education opportunity program at the senior (four year) CUNY colleges. College Discovery (CD) is the higher education opportunity program at the two year CUNY colleges.

Is ASAP program free?

In return, they get free tuition, free books, free transportation, intensive advising, intensive tutoring and all manner of what we usually call “wraparound services.” It nearly doubled the graduation rate, with lower costs per graduate than the status quo ante.

Do college students get free MetroCards?

There is no student discount for MetroCards. There are also other phone applications available for free or a small price, including subway maps.

Does Lehman College have ASAP?

Accelerate, Complete, and Engage (ACE) at Lehman College is a comprehensive program designed to help students complete their academic journey to the bachelor’s degree within two years (transfer) or four years (freshmen).

Do CUNY students get MetroCards?

Low-income students that get help with non-tuition costs like a MetroCard succeed in college at high rates. The CUNY ASAP program, which gives participating students an unlimited MetroCard and textbooks, along with hands-on advising, has more than doubled graduation rates for community college students in New York.

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