What Is California Scholarship Federation?

What is the purpose of the California Scholarship Federation?

The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle and high school students in California.

Is California Scholarship Federation an honor?

The award is now regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to secondary school graduates in the state of California. Advisers of active CSF chapters in good standing* are eligible to nominate one or two students each year.

How do I get into California Scholarship Federation?

Requirements for Semester Membership Students earn membership in CSF if they apply and have earned 10 (ten) CSF points. Points are earned on grades from the previous semester according to the following scale. 4 (Four) of the 10 (ten) points must come from List I courses.

What is California Scholarship Federation award?

The California Scholarship Federation (known as CSF) is a state-wide academic honors organization whose purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. CSF Membership is based on qualifying grades that are earned each semester.

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Is CSF good for college?

The title of being a CSF member may look very strong on college applications, but all it does is acknowledge one’s grades when it should be doing more. In addition, colleges already receive a student’s transcript with their grades and GPA on it so the CSF title shouldn’t make a difference on a college application.

Is CSF an honor society?

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is an academic honor society that is known throughout the state.

How do you know if you qualify for CSF?

To qualify for CSF membership each semester follow these guidelines:

  • You must earn a minimum of 10 CSF points from the previous semester’s grades.
  • You must use no more than 5 courses to qualify.

Can you join CSF as a freshman?

Joining CSF requires you to have grades from at least one semester of high school. Freshmen cannot apply to the club until the second semester of school, unless he/she has a Life Member Certificate from CJSF. Also, you must re-apply every semester.

Can 9th graders join CSF?

No other incoming 9th grader may be a member of CSF. What is required to be a member? Students need a total of ten points based on the lists of courses offered at the school. However, a D or an F in any subject, even if not being used for CSF points, disqualifies the student for that semester.

What grade can you join CSF?

○ Freshmen can join CSF using grades earned from either semester of their ninth grade year, but they are considered “Associate Members” and these semesters of membership do not count towards Lifetime Membership. Only grades earned from the 10th grade through 12th grade can be used towards achieving Lifetime Membership.

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Does California Scholarship Federation give scholarships?

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF), Inc. provides scholarships to qualified California High School Students towards a Life Membership or Sealbearer. This scholarship, founded in 1921, is one of the highest scholastic honors given to secondary school graduates in the state of California.

What is the benefit of CSF?

CSF is a nonprofit organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement as well as community service among middle and high school students in California. To achieve this, the scholarship organization has approximately 1500 chapters in middle school and high schools throughout the state.

How many people are in California Scholarship Federation?

The state organization never receives the names of the members. There are over 150,000 students in CSF each semester so the organization must rely on the chapters to keep track.

How many semester do you need for CSF?

Members must have 6 semesters of CSF eligibility. This does not include Associate Membership (9th grade). To maintain active CSF membership status, students must meet the State CSF grade points (10) requirement, work 20 hours of community service and pay $4 dues for each semester application.

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